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Neverwinter Artifact Suggestions for GF Protector

This page will list artifacts for your Guardian Fighter. Active use artifact is recommended, i.e. Chromatic Storm, etc. 


Neverwinter GF feats


Active use artifact is recommended. Chromatic Storm, a Bloodcrystal Raven Skull or Lantern of Revelation all work decently well for an active use artifact.


The mentioned above (using them for stats) are mostly your choice. It is suggested to choose anything with Defense, HP, Recovery, Deflect, etc. Here is a list of good Protector arifacts. If you're running a set bonus, you will need to pick up its requisite arifact (ex: Lathander set requires Eye of Lathander).


  • Oghma's Token of Free Movement (it might be named Oghma's Release)
  • Waters of Elah'Zad
  • Sigil of the Guardian
  • Symbol of Fire
  • Heart of the White Dragon
  • Champion's Banner
  • Bruenor's Helm
  • Eye of Lathander
  • Emblem of the Seldarine


You can pick one and see how it works. Good luck and enjoy the game. More info about Neverwinter, you can find on our online store