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Neverwinter: Where to Get Good Level 70 Gear

As a new player who just hit level 70, and if your item level is low, you must be looking for the good gear. So where to find the good gear? This page will tell you to find.


Neverwinter gear


The first place you should start is the auction house. Get the best price per peice on the best pieces you can afford. Make sure you only buy gear with an enchantment slot, even if you have to get something with slightly lower stats than you could get without the enchantment. Make sure you fill every enchantment slot.


Next, complete the missions in the Elemental Evil campaign. You'll get decent gear to start your end game career there. Make sure you go through the Underdark and Maze Engine missions (be warned, Maze Engine takes 31 days or longer to complete). You will get artifacts from each - the Bruenor's Helm artifact from underdark can be on your toon in a single day. The artifact necklace from Maze engine will take a month.


By this point, you should be over 1600 and can start running T1 dungeons, where you'll get seals of the elements. Run those dungeons until you get your item level above 2000 and try to get into T2 dungeons - be warned, you'll need strong party members to help carry you along and, odds are, they don't live on PS4 yet. You can do demonic heroics to get the currency to buy good gear in Mantol Derith, eventually there will be rank 8 guilds with the ability to buy Dragonflight armor, and more.


As for how to get the better gear, completing the various Elemental Evil vigilance quests will result in a full set of blue-quality armor, an artifact weapon, and a few nice items such as Unified Elements (offered for limited repeatable quests) which you can sell for AD to buy items to help you gear up further.


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