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Neverwinter: Easiest Ways to Increase Your Gear Score

Most gamers may be worried about their gear score, increasing is a slow process. So this article will tell you some easiest ways to level your gear. Of course, it is not easy to do grinding.


Neverwinter gear score


1). A mount with Wanderer's Fortune is probably your best investment. The amount of refinement you accrue between double refinement events is absurd. Next step is to be a VIP, sell good stuff and utulize double events. If you get items that have enchants in them then save for a double weekend. Fill your bags until you hate yourself for lack of space and then buy more bags.


2). Upgrading artifacts will increase it a lot, upgrading gems, putting armor reinforcements in gear, getting good shirt and pants. It takes time, a lot also comes from getting +4 or better rings so they each have 2 slots, that's additional enchantments which make you IL go up. Greater armour enchantments/gems will get you +35 Ilvl although the everfrost resistance ones don't have an ilvl on the tool tip.


3). Upgrade your artifacts to mythic they add alot of GS enchantmants rank up as high as possible also armor reinforcement kits for all your armor, neck waist and rings add GS too try get tue +4 or +5 rings from edemo or any epic dungeons. Try to get double slotted rings. Once an artifact equipment becomes legendary it unlocks another enchant slot. Artifacts to mythic doesn't actually get you much unless you're coming from rare. Getting artefact gear to legendary does. Opening 4 slots to plug in rank 7 enchants gives you 128 straight up. But artefacts are easier to level as they take any old enchantment tat you have hanging around. If you have fairly basic enchantments (silvery, radiant, dark or azures) at rank 7 they are relatively cheap to get up to 8 or 9 during double refinement (6 trade bars each if you have them). "Specials" like brutal, gigantic, dragon hoard etc are more expensive to upgrade as you'll have to visit the ah to get them and you're at the whim of the market place.


4). The easy part is to get you to 2500 with gear, then when you have to start refining enchantments from 7+ it is kinda expensive, one way to do it is to save ad for a lvl 10, from 10 and up you only need rp, below 10 you need a copy of the enchantment you are upgrading. Don't forget the companions and bondingstones.


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