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Neverwinter Level 70 Trial Assault on Svardborg Preview

Neverwinter developer post a blog with details about the upcoming level 70 trial,  Assault on Svardborg (Master). Let's take a preview of it.


"An epic trial is a 10 man encounter with role restrictions that pits adventurers against a single momentous boss battle. Master simply indicates a higher level or more difficult version of another piece of content. 


Back to the exciting bits-Assault on Svardborg will pit 10 adventurers against the leader of the frost giants, Jarl Storvald himself. With the ring of winter under his control the Jarl will prove to be the strongest foe to date for the Sword Coast's legendary adventurers. The team has pulled out all the stops to make this the most challenging, exciting and visually stunning encounter in Neverwinter to date! 


Those of you who have faced Drufi, Storvald's right hand, will see some familiar mechanics return, remixed in new and interesting ways befitting a 10 man encounter. We'll also be introducing a number of new mechanics that will test your group's coordination like never before."


You'll also be upgrading your new relic weapons with special rune marks as opposed to the usual marks of power, stability and union. You'll be able to earn extra rewards by supporting your allies, the Elk Tribe, the Arcane Brotherhood and the Storm Giants in your fight against the Frost Giants. 


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