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Lost Ark: How to join and leave a party?

The party system in Lost Ark is quite simple, and it becomes more accessible and understandable as new updates to the game come out. That doesn't mean there aren't a few questions left to answer, especially when it comes to new players.

How exactly does the party system work and how should friends join the Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons, or maybe even the Valtan Raid that was added in May? This guide will explain everything you need to know about the party system in Lost Ark.



How to invite, join and leave a party in Lost Ark?

Joining a party in Lost Ark is actually painfully easy, but many players don't know the most efficient way to send invitations and spend unnecessary time exploring Lost Ark's many menus. There are several ways to invite a player to join a party, for example:

  • If they are on the same screen: Players can simply hold Ctrl and right-click on the player of their choice and a drop-down dialog box should appear containing many different features, one of which is "Invite to Party".
  • If they are on the friends list: For players whose friends are already added to the friends list, it is even easier to invite them to the party. They just need to open their friends list (U key by default), scroll to the invited player, and then right-click on their name. After that, they should click "Invite to Group" again.
  • If they're not on the same screen or friends list: The latter option is fairly common as 99% of Lost Ark's endgame content goes faster with a group, but players don't want to spend time unblocking each other just to invite . Basically, if a player in an area chat (or any other chat, for that matter) is who the player wants to invite, they just need to find their message in the chat, right-click on it, and bring up the same dropdown as and there should be other methods.

Leaving a party is as easy as joining one. To leave a group in Lost Ark, all a player needs to do is Ctrl + right click on their name in the group menu on the left side of the screen, after which the "Leave Party" option should appear. It's also worth knowing that party leaders can use the same method to kick out group members by Ctrl + right clicking on the name of the person to be kicked out.



How the party system of Lost Ark works?

Anyone familiar with an MMORPG or any other game of its kind will likely instinctively understand Lost Ark's party system almost immediately. It works like most other party systems in games: players can join, leave, and remove members from their party as they see fit. For most standard content, the party system is designed for four players, and for certain content, such as Void raids, this number increases to eight. When players join the same group, they can see all the information they need on the left side of the screen. This includes:


  • A health bar for each party member with their name inside that keeps track of their current health.
  • An icon for their specific class.
  • A black box above their health bar indicating which server they are on (this does not pop up if they are on the same server as the player).
  • All buff/debuff icons below their health bar that show their class, food, and any other external source that buffs or knocks back their stats.
  • A dimmed bar will show that the party member is currently on a different channel, and the game also shows what channel they are on, right on top of their HP bar.


Again, to MMORPG veterans, this may all sound painfully simple, but knowing what information is available in these party system visuals really matters when combat gets chaotic and players need to gather vital information at a moment's notice.


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