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Level up Your Items with Upgrading Artifacts in Neverwinter

It is known that you can get items in the game. Here the easier ways to get your items upgraded are given. One of the way is to level up your items with upgrading artifacts.


If you are on a new character that does not have a lot of boons from campaigns, you are also destined for a bad day. Many campaign boons can give the equivalent stats of one or even two rank 10 enchants. You do not get any more item level from having boons, but they make you have a stronger toon and that can bee a huge difference between a good and bad day in a dungeon. Having a guild boon can be a huge difference. Right now my guild gives me the equivalent of ten rank10 enchants in offense and an additional ten rank10 enchants in defense. Also boons that have not corresponding attribute point are helpful too. In short the more campaign boons you have the better, guild boons are wonderful too, even though none of them increase your il at all.


Your pet is another big factor in your ability to get through a dungeon. Your best choice is a pet with 3x bonding runestones (the best you can afford). If you can't afford a minimum of 3 normal bonding stones (and truly a bare minimum here), buy an augment pet instead (stones, cat, goat, etc). There is purple quality companion only gear on the AH with 2 enchant slots filling your pet equipment slots with these. 


One of the easier ways to get your item level up is with upgrading artifacts to legendary or mythic. However if you are using artifacts that give you movement or regeneration as stats, it will not be nearly as useful as artifacts that give power or crit.


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