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How to Earn Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

There is a plethora of ways to earn Neverwinter Astral Diamonds! Below is a short list of the most common and efficient ones.


Selling items at the Auction House: When you run a dungeon and obtain loot that is not useful for your character, you can simply sell it at the Auction House. As previously mentioned, the Auction House uses Astral Diamonds as a currency and you can make a nice profit by selling items here.


Daily Quests: Daily Quests are the most common ways to obtain Astral Diamonds. You can do different types of Daily Quests (PvP, PvE Dungeons, PvE Skirmishes, and Foundry Quests) that award Astral Diamonds upon completion. The rewards differ from one Daily Quest to another. Talk to Rhix in Protector's Enclave to initiate Daily Quests or simply activate them via the Landing Page!


Doing the Events: Every half an hour, there's an opportunity do specific activities and gain bonus rewards. Some of them, like the Skirmish special event, will grant you extra Astral Diamonds. The events appear by default on the top right corner of the screen or on the Landing Page, in the lower section.


Professions: The Leadership Profession allows you to send your assets to collect Astral Diamonds. The more you progress in the Leadership Profession the more rewards you can get! You can also craft all day long, thanks to the Gateway.


Selling Neverwinter ZEN: You can transfer ZEN into Astral Diamonds at the Astral Diamond Exchange (more on that at the bottom of this article).


Invocation: In Neverwinter you can Invocate at campfires once every hour. Invocation grants you several buffs and bonuses, and among them are Astral Diamonds! The first three times that you Invocate during a 24-hour period, you will earn Astral Diamonds. This is a very easy way to steadily and quickly earn Astral Diamonds, so don't miss out!


Exchanging items: Some in-game items can be directly exchanged for Astral Diamonds if you talk to the proper NPC. Rhix, for example, will trade Astral Diamonds for items like Jeweled Idols, which are acquired from lockboxes.


Lord Neverember Astral Diamonds Daily: All level 60 characters should make sure to talk to Sergeant Knox and pick up the quest "Audience with the Protector." This quest takes you to Lord Neverember himself, whose advisors will explain what kind of content is available for level 60 characters. After that, Neverember will offer level 60 characters a Daily Quest that's worth a nice chunk of Astral Diamonds. Make sure you check in with him every day, as he pays even better than Rhix!


Salvage System: There is a Salvage Trader and station in the western corner of the Seven Suns Coster Market in Protector's Enclave. Purple quality gear can be salvaged there for Rough Astral Diamonds. For more information on Salvaging, check this developer post.


Create awesome Foundry quests: If you're a Foundry author, players can thank you for your awesome work by leaving a "tip" in the form of Astral Diamonds after playing and reviewing your quests.


Even more info is available on the Neverwinter Wiki!