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Madden 22: The complete guide to trade in Face of the Franchise

In Madden 22, the Face of the Franchise mode is exciting. If you find yourself being selected by a team that is not interested in playing, you may want to be traded as soon as possible, in order to obtain MUT Coins. So this is the first choice. After a long time of study and speculation, in Madden 22 Face of the Franchise, no feature can request transactions with other teams. This article will share the trading guide in the Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 22.


Madden 22: Improve Player

Like any rookie in any sport, they don't have that much influence on where they go. It is constructed in this way so that small-market franchises can have the opportunity to attract a generation of talents and franchisees.

Consistent with the game mode name, "Face of the Franchise," you need to focus first on improving your players and then on your game. This is important when changing teams because you need to make other groups want you to join their team.


You can create the best quarterback by combining your best abilities to suit your team better. If you perform well before draft day, you may end up being selected as the No. 1 pick.

This will force you to start with a weak or rebuilding team that may affect your performance. This is part of the game. You need to make your players shine.

At the end of your first season, you can already score 99 points for your players in Madden 22. This will attract other franchises to offer any contract quotations at your disposal and open up more opportunities.

Your performance as an individual is also essential. As a rookie, I defeated Patrick Mahomes, Derek Henry, and other future legends to win the Offensive Player of the Year.

Although my team is performing poorly, it will help you get quotes from other groups.


Madden 22: End Your Rookie Contract

This is the longest step that needs to be completed before switching teams in the franchise model. There is still no transfer option after playing the first two seasons, which makes me wonder how to be traded in "Face of the Franchise."


I checked every tab, option and even closed the transaction deadline to see if I could trade myself to another team. The demand trade option didn't appear.

The next step I tried was free agency. However, you are still under a rookie contract, so you will have to wait.

During the offseason, you can view the salary of your team's players and view all current contracts.

You can find your players, and next to your overall score, you can see the remaining years of the current contract.

To complete this four-year contract, you can only become a free agent after the 2024 season. Fortunately, you can easily simulate the four seasons. You can easily affect through the game and wait until the end of the 2024 Super Bowl.

This also means that many of the existing players you may want to play with may have retired. You need to accept the good and the bad.



Madden 22: How to change teams in the Face of the Franchise?

After simulating or playing your rookie contract, you must wait for the offseason for the "demand release" option to appear in the options.


This will only happen in two situations.

First, you need to be at the end of the rookie contract year. Second, you can only do this after the Super Bowl game that begins in the offseason.


This will only happen in two situations.

First, you need to be at the end of the rookie contract year. Second, you can only do this after the Super Bowl game that begins in the offseason.

You will not be able to request a release in the middle of the offseason. This is weird because it is still the offseason, but this notice will continue to be displayed after the requested team change.

Try not to simulate too much after the playoffs because you may end up affecting too much. I think this gives your team time to prepare for your shocking decision to change teams.

Once the request publishing option is available, press Yes. Although the text says, "If no team signs you at the end of the free agency market, you will be required to retire this role," but you don't have to worry about whether your career has performed well so far.

It would help if you improved your players well enough to allow other teams to line up and offer contracts during free agency.

Once you are released, you will see the contract offer on the main screen of the franchise model. After opening, there is no way to exit, so you must choose among the teams that provide contracts.

I strongly recommend checking the team roster before signing the contract. This is important because the team will look very different from 4 seasons ago if you simulate four seasons.

Rejecting the offer or exiting the screen will force your character to retire.


If you are stuck or are not ready to decide, you can close the game and restart it.

When you pick from various contract offers, you can view the position rating to check whether the team already has outstanding players in the same position as yours.

The choice of a team is entirely up to you. If your overall rating is low, you may end up being a substitute for a better player. Taking positions from great players like Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes may seem reasonable to you, but your team may end up worse than before.


They may choose to keep the two of you, which is just a waste of talent at this point. If you are looking for the right team to provide you with a contract, you have no choice.

You will not be able to see the contract offer until the game saves itself to EA's online service. It will not be possible to refresh the contract quotation by loading the previously saved file.

The performance and rating of your players will be a critical factor. Do your best, because you have four seasons to do this. This may provide more contract quotations and give you more opportunities to find the team you are looking for.